Your network is the primary method of communication with employees, customers and vendors, it is crucial to ensure it is always available and operating at peak efficiency. Updates and patches to the server/workstation platforms and business applications need to be made regularly to maintain stability and security. Additionally, regular checks on policies and everyday network operations need be reviewed.

Darkstar Networks, LLC offers our clients IT administration services to support your network; we offer this service to address the lack of technical skills or employee resources.

A dedicated IT professional from our services team with the technical acumen and experience for troubleshooting, maintaining systems and applications will keep your network running optimally.

The goal of these services is to free your in-house IT staff from the burden of everyday network administration tasks. As a result, they can focus on projects that affect ROI with the confidence that their network is being taken care of. Our seasoned network specialists will work with your IT staff as little or as much as necessary during the entire integration process to ensure a smooth transition once the technology is installed.